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Problem solving through creative thinking – an SGS training introduction to the stimuli needed to encourage creative thinking.

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Making the right decisions in business can be the difference between success and failure. Organizations need employees with analytical, problem-solving and decision making skills which are second to none, to ensure quality management, increase profit and achieve growth targets.

Our problem solving workshop introduces delegates to techniques for alternative thinking. Working in the world of unfettered ‘what ifs’ and using past experience, but not being constrained by it, participants will explore ideas using open-mindedness and practising creative thinking.

Learning Objectives

Designed for those required to identify alternative and creative solutions to challenges, attendees completing this workshop will learn about:

  • The stimuli needed to encourage creative thinking
  • Generating creative idea sessions
  • Recognizing the barriers and blockages to creativity
  • Capturing and developing ideas using analysis tools 
  • Encouraging ‘out of the box’ thinking

Why choose problem solving training from SGS?

Delivered by tutors who are expert in their field, as well as experienced trainers, our courses are designed to help you and your team work more effectively, internally and externally. As the leader in professional training, we draw on our years of worldwide experience to provide effective learning and development opportunities.

For more details about our problem solving through creative thinking training courses, contact us today.