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Coaching and mentoring skills from SGS – develop yourself and others.

People in a glass meeting room

Developing others is a fundamental role of management, enabling organizations to grow and build futures. This training focuses on the approaches required to be an effective coach and the principles applied to mentoring.

Aims and objectives

Ideal for those managing teams who wish to improve results, staff retention and personal development this training course will teach you about:

  1. The role of coaching as a management tool
  2. Identifying preferred coaching styles
  3. Applying the GROW model to coaching interventions
  4. Recognizing and satisfying the need for mentoring
  5. Measuring personal effectiveness by results

Why choose coaching and mentoring skills training from SGS?

Developing talent is a critical component of continuous improvement. Our courses are designed to help you and your team work more effectively and are led by experienced trainers who are expert in their field.

Improve the way you and your staff communicate with training from SGS. Contact us today for more information or to book.