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Standardization of Agroindustrial Products and Processes training from SGS gives you the skills to optimize, standardize and design products and processes in this sector. This can bring benefits such as economies of scale, the achievement of a quality standard globally, and the subsequent reinforcement of a positive perception of your brand worldwide.

After completing this course, you will be able to develop the flow chart and process for each one of your products. You will also learn how to handle the variables involved in standardization and preparation. The training will help you to streamline activities, saving both time and money at every stage of production.

For example, you may be able to buy food ingredients in larger quantities and reduce the cost-per-unit. You might also be able to rationalize your product research and development, as well as marketing. A more limited product portfolio can also help to reduce your investment costs, as you will need specific – rather than generalized – technology and equipment.

Standardization can also help to raise quality levels, as your organization can focus on just a few products and encourage staff to concentrate on product improvement. Consistently delivering a certain quality level around the world can reinforce your brand’s reputation and help you increase sales on an international scale.

Training approach

The course adopts a theoretical - practical approach. This comprises brief explanations about each topic, followed by development workshops that give you the tools you need to apply your learning in the workplace. As with the other SGS training programs aimed at the agricultural and agro-industrial sectors, the focus is on minimizing risk – saving time and money in the process.

The course will be of interest if you are involved in the agroindustrial sector – e.g. in logistics, production, imports and exports, insurance and other financial services – and want to:

  • Optimize, standardize and design agroindustrial products and processes
  • Prepare flowcharts and streamlined processes for every product
  • Manage the variables involved in product standardization

Find out more about our Standardization of Agroindustrial Products and Processes training by contacting SGS today.