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GGP Internal Inspection – GlobalG.A.P. Issue 4.0 training from SGS gives you the skills and knowledge you need to perform effective internal inspections against the requirements of this international food industry standard.

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As a first step, you will gain awareness of the philosophy underpinning Good Agriculture Practices (G.A.P). You will also learn how the GlobalG.A.P. scheme has become the accepted worldwide standard in food production, processing, trade and consumption. In addition, you will understand the significant changes brought about by Issue 4.0 of the standard – particularly in terms of the general regulations, control points and achievement criteria.

This depth and breadth of knowledge about the entire standard moves you beyond an awareness of auditing techniques into the realms of inspection. This means you are able to perform a rigorous examination of your own organization, which ensures its ability to maintain GlobalG.A.P. certification.

Course outline:

  • General rules
  • Support modules
  • Control points and achievement criteria

To find out more about GGP Internal Inspection – GlobalG.A.P. Issue 4.0 training from SGS, contact us today.