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Environmental legislation training from SGS – ensure compliance with environmental legislation in Colombia.

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Environmental legislation in Colombia aims to prevent and control environmental damage. As a result your organization must comply with a broad scope of requirements. Our environmental legislation training provides you with the skills and knowledge you need to meet your legal obligations in line with the very latest changes.

Why choose environmental legislation training from SGS?

This course will enable you to:

  • Deepening your knowledge of environmental legislation in Colombia
  • Comply with your legal obligaitons in accordance with the environmental protection act
  • Implement effective renewable energy management
  • Ensure more sustainable management practices, such as taking advantage of renewable and natural resources

Essential environmental legislation training from Colombia’s leading course provider

As the leading provider of courses in Colombia, and the world’s foremost certification, verification, inspection and testing organization, we offer in-depth knowledge in all aspects of sustainability and the environment – in both theory and practice. This includes certifying and auditing organizations’ processes to ensure compliance with Colombian environmental legislation and providing training to increase awareness of sustainable practices.

This course offers a theoretical and practical focus, offering clear overviews of all topics as well as practical workshops to give you the tools you need to deepen your knowledge of your environmental obligations in Colombia.

To discuss how our environmental legislation training can help you, contact us today.